3Rs Committee

The 3Rs Committee provides oversight and direction to The 3Rs – Rights - Responsibilities - Realities, a partnership program with the Cleveland Metropolitan and East Cleveland School Districts. The 3Rs program goals are to improve understanding of and respect for the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution, improve passage of the Ohio Graduation Test, provide practical career counseling to focus students on their potential beyond high school, to improve the “pipeline” of minorities flowing into legal careers in the region. 3Rs program volunteers from the Cleveland legal community visit 10th grade social studies classes throughout the school year. The program, funded by the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Foundation, has won national and state awards for its innovation and scope. In addition, the 3Rs Committee provides oversight and assistance to the annual Cleveland Mock Trial Competition, in partnership with the Cleveland Municipal Court.

Primes, Marlon 


 Satola, Jim   


 Kelly, Gabrielle  

Stephen D. Richman 


James W. Satola 


 Gabrielle T. Kelly 


Kohrman Jackson & Krantz PLL 


Vice Chair 




Brouse McDowell 



For more information about this committee, please contact:

Jessica Paine, Assistant Director of Community Programs