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The Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association, comprised of nearly 6,000 members, is home to the largest legal community in Ohio and one of the largest local bar associations in the country. The Association's members include solos and practitioners of small, medium and large law firms, as well as general counsel for corporate and government entities. The Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association is also composed of a number of decision makers in nonprofit organizations and law schools, and numerous other types of business leaders.

Circulation: 5,000+ attorney and affiliate members of the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association. With a readership of more than 10,000, it makes the Bar Journal the most competitively priced business publication in Northeast Ohio.

Frequency of Issues: Published monthly, except the July issue, which is combined with the August issue.

Closing Dates: First week of the month preceding publication date (e.g. the February issue closes the first week of January).

Editorial: Original articles, news of individual members, Bar Association activities and legal developments.

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Together, we serve as the collective voice of the legal profession in Greater Cleveland, both bench and bar.

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